It’s Never Too Late To Make Your Dream Premier League Team

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If you are crazy about football and dream of having a team of your own, then Premier League fantasy football is just the right thing for you. Ever since its formation, this form of football is being played by most of the football fans in Europe and other parts of the world. Over the past few years it has gained immense popularity and has gained millions of participants. The whole idea is to give everybody a chance to live that ultimate football dream, which is having one’s own team with the players of his choice. Already a craze among guys old and young, it has got official sponsor as espn-star.

In fantasy football, each participant is allowed to manage a team and compete with the others. They are given a fixed sum of money at the beginning of every season and they have to buy players using that fund only. The fun part is that these players performance on the field decides which fantasy team earns how many points. So in a way, one is a manger of almost a real team. Choosing a balanced team isn’t an easy task. So there are a lot of websites available on the internet that provides guidance in building a team. These websites are known as fantasy football scouts. There’s a place where the experts also put in their views and suggestions. One can take help from there also.

Each season of fantasy league spans for a real football season. The players performance, upcoming matches, rival teams and their achievements, all factors are taken into consideration while building a team. Keeping players from a team which does not have a match in the coming week will earn no pints hence keeping a track of the schedule is very important. Therefore it is wise to keep a player that will play in the front eleven rather than in the bench. A total of 15 players can be bought in the auction. That doesn’t mean that all of them will be top players. Since the budget is limited a player should be selected wisely otherwise it may burn a whole in your pocket leaving you with nothing to buy other key players. Fantasy football is not just about playing with the big players but also managing a team efficiently.

The point of scoring varies from site to site. In general a point is earned every time a player scores a goal or saves one. There’s also point for maintaining a clean sheet and assisting in creating goals. At the end of each week the total points earned by a team is evaluated. If any changes in the team are needed to be done, then the time is just at the beginning of the week. Once the time for the match arrives no more changes are made to be allowed. The rankings are given in a weekly basis and also overall at the end of the season. So go on be a fantasy football champion.

Article by Erin, webmaster at Fantasy Football Gab

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