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The football championship game, held annually by the National Football League or the NFL is called the Super Bowl. The history of the Super Bowl dates back to 1967 when on January 15, the first Super Bowl was played. When the National Football League underwent a merger with the American Football League, the Super Bowl came into existence. The credit for the term’s coinage goes to Lamar Hunt, the then owner of the Kansas City Chiefs and from the fourth edition of the annual Championship; the game was named Super Bowl Championship. Prior to that, the championship was referred to as the World Championship game.

The first two editions of the Super Bowl were won by the Green Bay Packers while the third was won by the New York Jets. In its XLIV edition in 2010, the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts. February 6, 2011 is the date for the next edition of the Super Bowl, which will be held in Arlington, Texas. The itinerary for the next three editions of the championship has also been decided with the game being held at Indianapolis, Indiana, New Orleans, Louisiana and East Rutherford, New Jersey, respectively.

Super Bowl is amongst the most viewed program on television and therefore getting a commercial spot during the game’s broadcast is heavily priced. Another very interesting aspect related to Super Bowl is that of predicting the team, which might win the championship. Experts, analysts, bookmakers and sports enthusiasts have always been interested in the Super Bowl predictions.

Though making Super Bowl predictions is not very difficult, yet you need to know how to go about it. Here are certain guidelines, which can help you with your Super Bowl predictions:

  • Get the NFL statistics: get the statistics and find the status of each team. Distinguish which teams are good and have an excellent winning record. You can find the information on the internet, on television or in the newspaper.
  • Research: delve deeper and find the team, which have a high scoring record.
  • Predict depending upon the remaining season: you must look at the remaining season of the game and find which teams are playing. Are the opponents strong? Is there an easy win on the anvil? Predict for the games that are still to be played.
  • Narrow down your list: based on the facts collected and research conducted narrow down your list and eliminate the teams, which seem to be weak. Contend each team with the other and pick the stronger one. This way you get the two strongest teams.

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