Why you should add slot machines to your poker game

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In light of recent allegations directed towards Phillip Ivey Jr. regarding cheating an Atlantic City casino for more than $9 million through an illegal casino trick known as ‘edge sorting’, we believe it may be time for some poker players to simply step aside and move to other casino games. If you have to cheat to win, then the pressure must be getting to you. So, why don’t you simply move on to games that you can’t cheat on? Like slots, for example, a game where the odds are unquantifiable.

Failing that, a money, and time-saving, selection would be to simply migrate to online poker or slots. With the variety out there in today’s online-driven business models there are ample choices of casino offers and bonuses for you to get your teeth stuck into that will no doubt elongate and extend your playing time. Many casino offer an optimum experiences in online poker and slots. It is as if you are playing from home but with the atmosphere of an actual casino.

Think of the bonuses this way, why play with $100, when you can play with $200, even if that extra $100 is in the standard bonus format. Even if that is a problem, if you are a particularly good poker player, or a master of any of the other formatted games casinos hold, then you should find little trouble in playing your way out of the bonus categories and turning that quantity into hard earned cash to withdraw.

Also, if you are playing online, it is much harder for you to even attempt to cheat the system like Ivey tried to do. Nobody wants to become poker champion, only to then be revealed as a potential scammer (Ivey has only been accused thus far so anything is possible at this stage), so why don’t you take to the online casinos and win without any manipulation in your favour, in order to prove in the most hard-hitting fashion that you are the best at your chosen casino game?

Going back to the slot machines, another plus of this variant is that in one of the machine types, the progressive machine, the jackpot can rise for an undetermined amount of time before it decides to unleash it’s bumper pay-out to one lucky customer. You could, in one instance, play forever and never see the ‘big-one’ fall into your lap, but there is just as much chance of that happening as there are you pulling the wheel on the slot machine once, winning and then pulling the wheel the next round, to find yourself a winner once more!

Long story short, as much as an enthralling and exciting game poker is, it just isn’t for everyone. If you have to resort to cheating, or even see unparalleled annoyance from losing one single hand, it may be time to turn to pastures new and a different casino game.

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