Main Types of Basketball Systems for Your Home

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Installing a basketball system at your home will allow you and your family spend great time together, but before deciding to purchase one you should better be informed on the types of systems available on the market. There are some factors to determine your choice, so you need to see first which these factors are that can influence your decision.

  • Know beforehand who is going to play basketball in the yard.
  • For what sort of playing to you plan to purchase the system: some people simply want to have one around for the sake of shooting hoops. Others are using this for serious splaying, like competing in teams. There is another category of players: the ones who use this system to practice for staying in shape for their school games or competition played within the community.

Now you must be aware of the components of this system. It contains a backboard, net, rim, and a base or a pole. There are three main types that are available for purchasing and they are as follows:

1. The portable basketball systems are independent of any other source of holding them. They do not have to be connected to any outside stander or even fixed into the ground. Their elements come as backboard, net, rim, and the base. The last one requires filling with sand or water to allow it be stable.

These systems seem by far the most easy to install and use. One of the most commonly used is the adjustable portable system allowing you to adjust the height in accordance to your game needs. If you have kids and they want to play, maybe this system is more appropriate considering that they will grow in time, and thus you can adjust the height accordingly.

2. The in-ground pole basketball system is another type that can be used at home. Due to their device that will fix them into the ground they are seen as permanent ones. To fix the pole you will have to dig a hole in the spot where you plan to play the game and after fixing the pole fill the hole with cement. This makes them a little tougher to be installed but over time they have this stability that makes them so appealing.

3. The third type of system is the wall mounted one. It comes with a backboard, the net and the rim. These basketball systems are mounted on the wall and you can choose this wall as the one from your garage or a side of your house building. This is also seen as a permanent device as long as it is installed on the wall having also a stability that will last for years.

So, now you have it. Depending on your needs and your family needs you should decide which of them has to be purchased. Consider the portable basketball system for a family with kids as this one is easy to install and easy to uninstall in case you have to relocate.

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