What to Avoid when Playing Basketball Offense

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When being on the basketball court many players tend to develop some habits but not all of them seem to be the good ones. This happens mostly because of the train practices that may develop repetition as well as when performing the work-outs. The offense part is seen as important as the defense playing, therefore what is seen as a bad habit should be avoided while performing on the court during competitions.

The bad habits from below should be eliminated to carry out a good performance when being on the court:

  • Focusing mainly on the individual playing rather than playing in team. This may influence the outcome of the game.
  • Not involving in the game, but stay around and watch the action. As a basketball player one should take part in the game and not stand and wait for something to happen for them to interfere.
  • Aiming more for shooting rather than for passing. There are situations when playing in offense is about coordinating the moves with the other players and if a teammate is open and has a better chance for scoring, then the ball should be passed onto him.
  • Seeking for a single option when playing on the court. The thing is that while playing all sorts of options might appear which shouldn’t be neglected even if the practice training might have been as a single-option one. On the court the situation is completely different when playing against other team.
  • Signaling the teammate that he will get a pass. These signals are very easy to be spotted by the opposite team, therefore more prone to steal the ball. Use eyes instead or fake moves of the ball before having it passed on to the other player.
  • Cheaply fouling after a mistake was made. In basketball as with any other sports, mistakes are bond to be made. It is no time to feel frustrated after making a mistake, so players should group and start playing a strong defense avoiding further fouls.
  • Using during the game fake moves or others alike that the other players in the team are not familiar with. Basketball is a team game, therefore you should always set these fake moves while practicing to get the teammates ready for any of them when competing.
  • Not watching the time left in the game. Players should stay always focused on the timer as in this way they won’t be taken by surprise with the end-of-the-game whistle while they had a successful move in mind.
  • Losing focus while possessing the ball for an offensive play. Whenever the team has the ball, players should have their mind and soul into this situation as they must always be ready to interfere when the circumstance requires.
  • Not adjusting to the game rhythm. Basketball game is about speed in many of the situations displayed on the court, therefore is very important to adjust your moves while playing to the rhythm that exists with the evolving game.

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