3 online casino games which are quietly popular

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Hidden away on NetBet website are some gems of slot games available to enjoy, and you won’t need a shovel to dig these ones out. With over 350 games on the site, and more being added weekly, it is fair to assume that some are naturally going to get a greater airing on the website than other games. Despite that, like a good old fashioned bargain in a high street store, players can rummage around to locate some great games. On NetBet Casino, players can easily find these via clicking the ‘other games’ header. Here I will look at three of those games, and tell you what the rules are to this game, and why they are so popular at the moment.

punto-bancoPunto Banco: The aim of this game is for the player to bet on which hand will win, either the ‘bank’ or the ‘players’ hands. Which hand will win is decided by the two cards being added up, and then using the last digit of each total to totalise the original numbers. For example, the bank draws 2 and 3 (5), whilst the player receives the cards 6 and 8 (14). The bank wins as 5 is higher than 4, as that is the last number. The odds pay out 8 to 1 if you bet a tie, whilst it’s straightforward odds of two to one for either the bank or player. Therefore, this is something to try if you’re a fan of Blackjack. Very similar enjoyment levels are had on this game to that one, so do give Punto Banco a try.

casino-warCasino War: Much like the classic Casino high low game that is so popular, Casino War is very similar to that. With as many as six decks included in the pack, the player fights it out with the dealer to see who has the higher or lower card (ace is high). If the two cards are of equal value, the player has two options. One of them is to take back half of their original stake, or go to war against the dealer. If deciding that, the player must match their original stake value, and the dealer will deal again, after killing the first three cards, to see who wins. Winning bets are paid out as equal, whilst if you correctly predict it being a tie; you’ll be paid out odds of 10:1, before deciding whether to go to war or not.

crapsCraps: Out of the three games included, the unfortunate named ‘Craps’ is probably the most difficult to understand at first. However, once understood it is a great game to tackle as you need to predict what numbers will come up when rolling the dice. You decide the bet via what the arrow is pointing at one of the chips in the bottom right hand corner. You then click either roll or quick roll, depending on whether you want to witness the animation, then hope for the best. This is one that takes practice, and players can play it without money using the ‘demo’ feature.

These are three games that are popular on NetBet, but sadly not many know they are there. Know I’ve told you all about them, go play and enjoy; you could be the first of many to see how much enjoyment can be had playing Punto Banco, Casino War on NetBet’s online casino.

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