Golf for Beginners

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It has been rightly said that Golf is a rich man’s game. Golf unlike other sports is not for everyone. Not only does it involve a lot of technicalities and intelligence, it also involves a lot of monetary investment and hence making the game inaccessible for many. While games like football and rugby do not require the players to invest heavily in it, golf is a fairly expensive game that involves purchasing a set of golf clubs and a set of golf clubs which have to be replaced quite frequently. And both of these do not come cheap and in fact can cost quite a fortune if one is planning to pursue the game professionally. But then good things in life do not come cheap and that is precisely the reason why most people play the game.

So how does one go about the process of buying the golf ball? Beginners should ideally buy balls depending upon the sliding scale of how many balls they lose I a particular round. If you are a complete beginner and have not set foot on the driving range then it will be a good idea to buy a cheaper set of balls. Same goes for those who loose on an average two sleeves or more per round. Golf balls costing twenty dollars a dozen should be perfect for these two types. The next question that one asks is how to choose the brand of the ball. Well ideally one should follow the word of mouth and if that is not reliable then one should see how the ball feels when coming off the face of the putter. Judging on that criterion should a person buy his golf balls. When you are losing not more than three to five balls per round then it is a good idea to buy balls that come within thirty dollars a dozen. When you have become experienced enough to not lose more than a sleeve a round then you should get the expensive balls, the ones that come for forty dollars a dozen.

There may be a couple of reasons why you wanted to start playing this game. Is it because you want to take it up professionally? Or is it because you want to be a part of a certain social crowd and hence want to play the sport? Or maybe it is because your friends play this sport and you want to pick it up just for a few laughs and nothing more. Whatever the reason may be, one should be perfectly clear as to why he or she is picking up the sport. And accordingly one should invest in the game, both in terms of time and money. Of you are picking it up just for leisure then there is no need to buy the expensive golf gear. One can avoid such expenses but if one is planning to take up the sport professionally then he or she has to invest heavily in the game and be dedicated to it no matter what the odds are.

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