Effect of Sports on Our Everyday Life

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Some say sports are older than written history. This might be true, although a lot of things we now consider a sport were much more practical back in the day. Let’s see: running (from a predator), javelin throw, boxing, martial arts (quite obvious), horseback riding, motor sports (chariots back then), fishing, and even chess (tactics and strategies were an important part of warfare), and so on – these were all practical skills back in the day when people competed for their lives, not for prizes.

Although these practical skills have become sports during the millenia, they have kept their influence on our everyday lives. Today sports are considered not just a way to stay healthy and fit, but also a form of entertainment for many, and also a way to generate revenue (through bets placed on various events, which is an increasingly popular pastime). But the influence of sports is not limited to just the way we have fun – they influence our decisions on what to play, what to buy, what to wear, what to eat, and other aspects as well.

1. Sportswear

Sportswear is a huge arm of the fashion industry worth billions each year. People wear sweatpants, hoodies, baseball caps, socks, shoes and underwear either initially destined to competitors (like running or football shoes), or inspired by these items. Most people who are declared fans of a certain sport will prefer to wear either clothes inspired by the equipment of its players, or bearing their logos and even sponsors’ names – and not just when going to a game live, but also in their everyday life.

2. Athletes in advertising

Athletes with a huge fan base will surely strike an advertising deal with one brand or another, or even start their own. Remember the Gabriela Sabatini line of perfumes, David Beckham’s association with a series of brands, and the list could go on forever (the one I liked the most was Terry Crews’ Muscle Music in the Old Spice commercial).

We might not even be aware of the fact that sports personalities have a huge influence on what we buy.

3. Games based on sports

Some of the most popular video games these days are ones inspired by real life sports championships. People are not content with just watching the games on TV or live, but they want to be a part of them – this is what led to the launch of games like FIFA, NFL, UFC, NHL and so on. A microgaming powered online casino has several sports inspired games, too – cricket, football, hockey, you name it. Playing the game – virtually, that is – is something an average guy like you and me can do every day if he pleases.

As you can see, sports have a huge influence on our everyday lives – on our purchase decisions, on our schedule, and even on the games we play.

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